White-Label Payment System based on Bank Account Transfers

Today, in the year of 2015, we believe (in coherence with the recognized banking analysts) that a successful payment system is seasoned with a set of features, which may be realized only by a payment system based primarily on the direct bank account transfers. Of course, for some customers and merchants other approaches will work, everybody has its own preferences and is willing to sacrifice some features for something, which seems to be more important. Therefore our payment system alternatively supports other means of payments.

One feature is the transaction cost. We are talking about the 0%/0 EUR/$0 transaction cost or similar, for any transactions. That is very important for the success. This is why all the merchants will love you and adopt your payment system. For many of them, it is the difference between success and failure. The business model for the payment system provider must not be in the fees for transactions. Please, contact us for more details.

The customer experience is very important also, how smoothly the buyer or merchant can set it up and use it. If buyers will not need to transfer funds to yet another payment system or a pre-paid card and they are able to pay directly from their accounts smoothly, they will just love you.

No pre-payments - payment systems and e-wallets, in which buyers need to load money via a card or from an account are not preferred and will not be preferred by any of the customers. The reasons are two-fold. First, there is one additional step in the payment process, that is people need to transfer money via a card or a bank transfer, which implies additional time, additional cost or both. Second, if you end up with several payment system and e-wallets, you have money scattered around multiple such systems, not just on a single account. The exception is, if for example a restaurant, provides you some benefit (free desserts, 10% extra credit) for charging their virtual card/account and reserve the money for such specific restaurant. 

Security is the number one priority for both merchants and buyers. And for us, too. Buyers do not share the full card details with the processors, do not send it online, payments may be double-checked, verified & authorized by regular internet banking features, an extra SMS, additional password, token, TAN etc. There are many extra security features we have implemented which in fact enhance the current bank security and go beyond the standard internet banking and payment processing security features.

If merchants and users will love you, then they will use it and the revenue on value added services you provide together with the payment system will boost.

Online Payment Gateway
Mobile Payments
In-Store Payments and Tablet Payment Terminal
0% Transaction Fees
SEPA Payments Ready

Payment system based on instant payments made to merchants executed through one or more means:

  1. made directly from bank accounts (via wire transfer/direct deposit/direct credit transfer, SEPA or domestic)
  2. made from a stored-value card or virtual card (cash cards, e-wallets, e-vouchers, e-certificates, e-money, …), this can be a card for one specific merchant, chain or a group of cooperating merchants
  3. made using a selected set of payment cards (typically a specific debit card with acceptable conditions)
  4. made with virtual money, Bitcoins, Litecoins and/or other coins


  • Provides a white-label payment system with value added services to be operated by a bank, big retailer, or a trusted 3rd party
  • Agnostic to any of banks, payment schemes, card associations, payment processors, etc.
  • Realizes mobile payments anywhere in e-shops, restaurants, small merchant stores, big supermarkets etc.
  • Enables direct account transfer (involving multiple banks), wallet account transfers, selected card payments and/or e-vouchers
  • Included a loyalty system with various settings, vouchers, coupons etc., may be applied within a single transaction with payment
  • Merchant accept payments with a payment terminal, optionally connected to a POS
  • Supports e-tickets for events, sport, entertainment, traffic, parking tickets, etc.
  • Funds can be topped by e-Loans (micro loans), e-Credit or e-Overdraft
  • Includes direct P2P payments (Peer-to-Peer), or via email, sms or a social network
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