WebRTC video with interactive widgets for online selling and eCommerce

Web Interaction Portal and Portal Widgets for WebRTC Communication and Online Selling

Web Interaction via HD video with online sales – 1:1 communication portal or portal widgets to be linked or included in your portal, improves the sales, support quality and remote consulting, online conversions boost through ability to finalize the online transactions. Includes WebRTC HD video, audio, chat, co-browsing, interactive forms, sales forms, online contracts etc. – available exactly when needed and without the need to travel to a branch or to your customer.

Innovative Channel

Introduces a new sales channel, distinguishing you

Boost Online Sales & Conversions

Turn leads into sales

Convenient to Your Clients

Happy clients access anywhere, just in time

Improves Efficiency of Sales, Consulting and Support

Avoid travelling, delays and cut costs on your branch network

Integrated in Portal

Link or include seamlessly in your portal, web or CRM

  • 1:1 online communication for sellers, specialists, consultants, support or HR people
  • Includes: HD video call (client visible optionally), audio call, chat, interactive forms
  • Replaces the old way of communication, distinguishing you from your competition
  • The widgets are available when client shows his need, behaves in certain ways or it is most effective to approach him
  • May be deployed as a new 1:1 communication portal or interactive web – attracting customers, boosting sales, remote consulting & supporting customers
  • Multi-Platform approach supports all various web browsers, tablets, smart phones, PCs, kiosks etc.
  • Most widgets are interactive and co-browsing oriented – they are shared and filled-in real-time by both sides simultaneously
  • Closing the sales during the online sessions
  • Suitable also for complex multi-step sales (loans, mortgages, insurance, …)
  • Many in-branch activities can be brought online for such face to face interaction


WebRTC application with interactive forms for online selling on a smart phone
WebRTC with interactive forms screenshot online selling of banking products
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