DPFA - Digital Personal Financial Advisor

DPFA – Digital Personal Financial Adviser

DPFA – Digital Personal Financial Advisor provides financial and saving advices to clients, highly targeted offers from the bank & 3rd parties (bank group members, their corporate clients or other selected partners). Offers and advises are fully under the control of the bank and are client driven, based on clients’ needs, interest, context, historical and predicted future behavior. New Revenue […]

PFM 2.0 – Personal Financial Manager

Personal Financial Manager (PFM 1.0) – enables users to track, categorize and visualize their money – track expenses, incomes, credits, savings. In addition typical PFM tool enables users to define and track their goals and budgets. By Personal Financial Manager 2.0 (PFM 2.0) we understand a PFM tool seasoned with: aggregation of all bank accounts – […]