WebRTC video with interactive widgets for online selling and eCommerce

Web Interaction Portal and Portal Widgets for WebRTC Communication and Online Selling

Web Interaction via HD video with online sales – 1:1 communication portal or portal widgets to be linked or included in your portal, improves the sales, support quality and remote consulting, online conversions boost through ability to finalize the online transactions. Includes WebRTC HD video, audio, chat, co-browsing, interactive forms, sales forms, online contracts etc. – available […]

White-Label Payment System based on Bank Account Transfers

Today, in the year of 2015, we believe (in coherence with the recognized banking analysts) that a successful payment system is seasoned with a set of features, which may be realized only by a payment system based primarily on the direct bank account transfers. Of course, for some customers and merchants other approaches will work, everybody has […]