Liiding - on the leading edge

Searching for the right partners – sales agents, distributor companies and affiliate individuals

Liiding is looking for business partners of several different types and would welcome any performing relationship for our members.

You may become a sales agent – help us with the sales cycle to a specific customer or customer segments

You may become an affiliate – provide us only with a lead for an open tender or tell us about business needs at a specific customer. An affiliate might be also cooperating with us in the background and not visible to our customer.

You may become a consulting partner and provide pre-sale consulting, feasibility study, business consulting and business analysis for our customers.

You may become a system integrator - for bigger projects we search for a reliable system integrator. We would also welcome your opportunity if our solution fits in any of your planned or ongoing projects.

You may become an implementation or technology partner and help us deliver, implement, integrate, maintain and support our solutions to customers all the world.

You may become a distributor or a channel partner and cover on business development activities in your country.