Matching the Right Investors with the Right Projects

Providing funding, recommending the right investors, consulting the right investment opportunities

Liiding offers to investors a great opportunity to participate in the innovative projects using the leading edge technologies, having a potential to become an international leader in a niche. The projects are in stage with relevant production references or at earlier stage with a demonstrable prototype (demo, beta version). 

Liiding serves as a matchmaking initiative putting together the right investors with the right projects. Such approach puts together the investors with a specific interest together with innovative companies which need additional funding.

Liiding supports interesting and prospective projects, which typically have several of the following features:

  • Deliver clear and substantial value for customers
  • Are built with innovative cutting edge technologies (but not bleeding edge)
  • Involve mobile technologies and other modern channels (multi-platform, omni-channel)
  • Have the international scalability potential and a huge world-wide potential
  • Support deployment in cloud or are offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS, IaaS
  • Generate and/or exploit the big data and analytics (e.g. for finding new client insights, identifying new sales opportunities, ...)
  • Enables social & collaboration scenarios, peer-to-peer communication & comparisons or enforces new social media and social network contexts