PFM 2.0 – Personal Financial Manager

Personal Financial Manager (PFM 1.0) - enables users to track, categorize and visualize their money - track expenses, incomes, credits, savings. In addition typical PFM tool enables users to define and track their goals and budgets.

By Personal Financial Manager 2.0 (PFM 2.0) we understand a PFM tool seasoned with:

  • aggregation of all bank accounts - to enable the users to manage their complete financial situation, best of their whole family
  • clever automatic transaction categorizations (while manual corrections would be possible)
  • optional setting & monitoring of the spending goals
  • gamification, benchmarking with peers, social networking
  • clear financial outlook - this may be accomplished for example by our interactive cash flow graph
  • machine-learning algorithms which adapt to the users behavior, categorization needs
  • users may use it and view all relevant output, visualizations, comparisons without any manual intervention
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