Multi-Channel App Development for Banking and Financial Apps

Multi-Channel Applications in Banking

We believe that the multi-channel cross-platform development on HTML5 technologies and ability to build hybrid applications is the right way to build cool, modern business applications with a great user experience. Often we hear that the mobile apps are better to build only with native code, but nobody ever could give us any solid argument. Of course, where it would make sense, we suggest to our customers to use a native part for a particular part of the app, which is part of the hybrid strategy. Hybrid technology simple gets the best from both approaches and we like it for our banking apps.

HTML5 Multi-Platform

iOS, Android, Win8 and others

Write Once, Run Everywhere

One Codebase = One Cost

Unseen Time To Market

1-2 months implementation

Seamless Integration

Integrated with no integration at the bank side

Flexibility and Design by Segments

or by user preference, by holidays, ...

MULTI-PLATFORM (iOS, Android, Win8 and others)

MULTI-DEVICE (smart phones, tablets, PCs, portals, kiosks, smart TVs, game consoles, …)

MULTI-RESOLUTION: optimized for all common resolutions

MULTI-THEME: more designs, themes, skins (design, navigation concept or level of detail)


  • Aligned communication across channels: PCs, mobile devices, kiosks, TVs, game consoles
  • Through its cross platform approach, it may convert any web application into a set of apps on multiple devices
  • Unseen Time-To-Market:
    • production deployment 1 to 2 months from signing
    • no integration on bank’s side
    • ongoing changes to apps are immediate
  • Design by segments, by user preferences, by campaigns, events and/or season’s holidays
  • Cost effectiveness:
    • one application = one cost
    • license fee or yearly subscription fee (SaaS in private/public cloud)
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