Multi-Banking, Innovation in the Account Aggregation

Multi-Banking – management of multiple bank accounts (personal, SME, corporate), card accounts in multiple banks in parallel, through the “main bank”; enables execution of internet banking operations (active and/or passive), supports multiple currencies, virtual currencies, travel cards, miles, and loyalty cards with their points or other value tokens.

The Multi-Banking solution is based on the aggregation of multiple accounts in multiple banks. Users will get a unified and complete picture of their finances, from the single application, offered by a financial institution, they can do . Those banks who can provide their clients with such possibilities and the great customer experience, will be viewed as the prime bank for clients. Such banks and other institutions will know their clients better, understand their behavior and would be able to offer them better services - highly personalized, full context advises, messages and offers, and all viewed as not annoying. Tools, like Personal Finance Manager (PFM) or Digital Personal Financial Adviser (DPFA) make finally more sense if the users can view all financial assets, incomes and expenses of the family. 

Consumer, SME or Corporate Clients
Complete Financial Dashboard
New Client Acquisitions
Enhancing the Existing Security in Banks
Monetize Clients Data & Cross-Sell Effectivelly

Multi-Banking enables to manage multiple accounts in multiple banks

  • Supports both passive (e.g. transaction view) and active (e.g. credit transfer order) operations
  • Our seamless integration with other banks can be done without their knowledge
  • Financial Dashboard provides full financial situation of a client and his/her family
  • May show financial and investment products like loans, mortgages, insurance plans, saving accounts, stocks, investments
  • May show loyalty points, miles, virtual currencies, travel cards or other value tokens may be included
  • Multi-Banking can be also provided to existing apps through our API (without implementing our client and mobile apps)



  • Significantly helps the Know-your-client initiatives, improves ability to cross-sell, up-sell
  • Enables better segmentation, highly targeted offers, personalized campaigns,
    all based on client needs, interests, wishes, spending habits, transaction history, CRM data, …
  • Brings acquisitions of new clients
  • Improves Bank Brand Visibility - clients view the bank as their prime/home bank
  • Convenience and ease of use, Single-Sign-On, focus on the security and the customer experience
  • Personal Finance Manager/Advisor makes sense only with all accounts and the complete financial picture
Multi-Banking Business Architecture
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