DPFA - Digital Personal Financial Advisor

DPFA – Digital Personal Financial Adviser

DPFA – Digital Personal Financial Advisor provides financial and saving advices to clients, highly targeted offers from the bank & 3rd parties (bank group members, their corporate clients or other selected partners). Offers and advises are fully under the control of the bank and are client driven, based on clients' needs, interest, context, historical and predicted future behavior.

New Revenue Streams

Significant increase of bank's revenue

Improves Relationship with Clients

Enhances the Know-Your-Client initiatives,client loyalty and the Net Promoter Score

Highly Targeted

Clients receive relevant higly personalized offers in a not annoying fashion

Monetize Clients Data

without sharing any sensitive or personal information

Boost Conversions

Improve cross-selling and campaign conversions

PFM/DPFA Key Success Factors

According to leading analysts, most of PFM projects are NOT successful or do not meet bank’s expectations.

  • Aggregated = should track all household financials and cash flows, achieved through Multi-Banking
  • Automatic categorization and other activities, manual corrections have to be optional
  • Relevant targeted advises and offers “the right offers at the right time”
  • Enables gamification, peer comparisons and connections to social networks
  • On multiple devices: Mobiles, Tablets, Web Portal
  • Connected to online systems, linked with internet banking, no imports
  • Intelligent, adapting and improving over time
  • Brings measurable results for the bank


Multi-Banking Business Architecture
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