Customer Nano-segmentation

Consumer Clients Nano-segmentation

  • Creates many nano-segments, i.e. client groups with similar needs, transaction & product history, spending behavior, life habits, preferences, interests,…
  • Predicts client needs, next best offer & future behavior
  • Provides real time offer management with effective highly personalized offers
  • Different contexts create different segmentation models

Corporate and SME Clients Nano-segmentation

  • Nano-segments group SMEs and Corporations with various similarities
  • Enables to identify the right cross-sell opportunities with the targeted offers and products used by similar companies, identifies needs and behavior
  • Maps the business relationships among the companies, identifies communities etc.
Boost Conversions

Improves cross-selling and campaign conversions

Improves Relationship with Clients

Enhances the Know-Your-Client initiatives, client loyalty and the Net Promoter Score

Client Future Predictions

Predicts client needs, next best offer & future behavior

Highly Targeted

Clients receive relevant higly personalized offers in a not annoying fashion

Better risk assessment

Understanding the full financial picture and potential risks

Multi-Banking Business Architecture
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