Customer Nano-segmentation

Consumer Clients Nano-segmentation Creates many nano-segments, i.e. client groups with similar needs, transaction & product history, spending behavior, life habits, preferences, interests,… Predicts client needs, next best offer & future behavior Provides real time offer management with effective highly personalized offers Different contexts create different segmentation models Corporate and SME Clients Nano-segmentation Nano-segments group SMEs and Corporations […]

Will your Bank evolve into an “Advisory bank” or into a “Commodity bank”?

In banking, it is essential for the bankers and sales representatives that they understand their clients. It is important in consumer banking, while it is essential in corporate and SME banking. The corporate sales people need to provide the right advises, they strive to understand the needs of their clients so they understand what sounds […]

Corporate and SME Banking

SME and Corporate Banking

It is essential for corporate banks to evolve into an Advisory bank. The Advisory banks will be advising their clients in the right financial decisions, finding the best fit for them in sense of the financial products as well as non-financial products. The Advisory banks in the corporate segment have the complete picture about their clients and […]

WebRTC video with interactive widgets for online selling and eCommerce

Web Interaction Portal and Portal Widgets for WebRTC Communication and Online Selling

Web Interaction via HD video with online sales – 1:1 communication portal or portal widgets to be linked or included in your portal, improves the sales, support quality and remote consulting, online conversions boost through ability to finalize the online transactions. Includes WebRTC HD video, audio, chat, co-browsing, interactive forms, sales forms, online contracts etc. – available […]

DPFA - Digital Personal Financial Advisor

DPFA – Digital Personal Financial Adviser

DPFA – Digital Personal Financial Advisor provides financial and saving advices to clients, highly targeted offers from the bank & 3rd parties (bank group members, their corporate clients or other selected partners). Offers and advises are fully under the control of the bank and are client driven, based on clients’ needs, interest, context, historical and predicted future behavior. New Revenue […]

PFM 2.0 – Personal Financial Manager

Personal Financial Manager (PFM 1.0) – enables users to track, categorize and visualize their money – track expenses, incomes, credits, savings. In addition typical PFM tool enables users to define and track their goals and budgets. By Personal Financial Manager 2.0 (PFM 2.0) we understand a PFM tool seasoned with: aggregation of all bank accounts – […]

Multi-Channel App Development for Banking and Financial Apps

Multi-Channel Applications in Banking We believe that the multi-channel cross-platform development on HTML5 technologies and ability to build hybrid applications is the right way to build cool, modern business applications with a great user experience. Often we hear that the mobile apps are better to build only with native code, but nobody ever could give […]

Multi-Banking, Innovation in the Account Aggregation

Multi-Banking – management of multiple bank accounts (personal, SME, corporate), card accounts in multiple banks in parallel, through the “main bank”; enables execution of internet banking operations (active and/or passive), supports multiple currencies, virtual currencies, travel cards, miles, and loyalty cards with their points or other value tokens. The Multi-Banking solution is based on the […]

White-Label Payment System based on Bank Account Transfers

Today, in the year of 2015, we believe (in coherence with the recognized banking analysts) that a successful payment system is seasoned with a set of features, which may be realized only by a payment system based primarily on the direct bank account transfers. Of course, for some customers and merchants other approaches will work, everybody has […]