Offering Innovative Solutions

Banking & Payments, Video Interaction, Text Mining, ...

Matching the Right Investors with the Right Projects

Searching for prospective projects, investors and funding opportunities

Searching for Business Partners

Searching for sales agents, reseller companies or affiliate individuals

About Liiding

Liiding is a business alliance company, which delivers solutions with significant value for customers, using the leading edge technologies. Each delivery is accomplished through the tight cooperation with its members and partners, companies with innovative solutions. Liiding brings forward established companies as well as technology startups, which create innovative products with a potential of a huge world-wide success.

Liiding helps its members, startups and project founders with:

  1. Business development and sales activities
  2. Funding and matching with the right investors
  3. Searching for the right business partners, agents and affiliates
  4. Go-to-market strategies and projects